Mother’s Day 2021: Let’s Do More for Those Who Need it Most

There’s a feeling of renewed hope and optimism surrounding us this spring as more people get vaccinated, kids return to their activities, and we regain some measure of sanity. I’m looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day this year, lifted by this optimism and knowing that my family has survived a tough year and is returning … Continue reading Mother’s Day 2021: Let’s Do More for Those Who Need it Most

Women’s History Month

As we close out Women's History Month, I want to share this inspirational short video, The Women Are Coming, brought to my attention by the Washington Women's Leadership Initiative. It powerfully portrays the global advances in female leadership, including Vice President Kamala Harris, who had just been inaugurated before the video's release. For more Kamala inspiration, … Continue reading Women’s History Month

Black History Month – Book Recommendation

My book recommendation for Black History Month is “A Promised Land” by Barack Obama. I listened to the audiobook and it was an incredible experience. Hearing him explain his passion for an impossible job, which was continually being tempered by reality, combined with his determined persistence, was inspiring. He never lost his heart for the … Continue reading Black History Month – Book Recommendation

New Year, New Hope

Today is New Year’s Day for me.  The inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris brings a tremendous opportunity for our country to heal from the past four years and it provides me with hope for our future.  On the morning of this historic presidential inauguration, I feel moved to share excerpts from "On the … Continue reading New Year, New Hope

Holiday Reading List 2020

While we are immersed in the Thanksgiving weekend and heading into the December holiday season, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite books from the past six months.  I found myself reading with even more purpose after the murder of George Floyd earlier this year. I was looking for ways to both … Continue reading Holiday Reading List 2020

Thanksgiving Gratitude

Ahhh, Thanksgiving!  It is one of my favorite holidays.  Even in 2020.  What has been true in other years is still true this year.  I love Thanksgiving’s warmth and coziness. I love its focus on food, not gifts. I love that it is a secular holiday that almost every American celebrates. And I love that … Continue reading Thanksgiving Gratitude


Overheard at the polls -- Voter 1:  “How long have you been waiting to vote?”Voter 2: “Four years!” It seems like everyone I know is dealing with some form of election day anxiety.  With so much at stake, it’s hard not to be. We truly are fighting for the soul of our country. In my lifetime, … Continue reading ELECTION DAY 2020: DEALING WITH ANXIETY

Putting a Bow on Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As the pandemic rages on and the election draws ever closer, it’s possible to lose sight of some of the important things we regularly recognize in more normal years.  I don’t want to let that happen. So before October ends, I want to recognize the fact that it has been Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  This … Continue reading Putting a Bow on Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Like so many of you, I have been devastated by Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death last Friday.  I’ve also been reflecting on the magnitude of what she accomplished. And on this: our rights as women now hang by a thin thread, given anticipated changes to the Supreme Court.  Finally, I’m seared by the fact that we … Continue reading A Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the 19th amendment which gave women the right to vote. I'd like to celebrate this centennial by recognizing the unstoppable women who laid the groundwork leading to the passage and ratification of the 19th amendment, and those who continue to push the feminist agenda forward. Yet, while women … Continue reading Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote