Marching Toward Coverage: How Women Can Lead the Fight for Universal Healthcare

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Women can no longer sit back and watch as politicians dismantle the health care reforms made possible by the Affordable Care Act. Instead, we need to move past the current political polarization, and continue to march toward health care for all.

With 28 million Americans uninsured, and millions more who can’t afford their coverage, I’ve been asking myself the fundamental question: Can we, as a nation, do better? I believe we can and will—once women begin to engage collectively around this topic. I felt called to write this book and to do it in a way that brings a feminist lens to the universal healthcare debate. I want to empower more women to engage in that debate. My goal is to simplify complex policy ideas about making change in the healthcare coverage system into an approachable and engaging framework. I combine a personal perspective on health care issues with my professional perspective on health policy. I draw on my experience as a policy expert, strategist, and implementer, as well as a mother, daughter and friend who has faced some challenging health issues. I offer no easy panacea, but instead suggest a pragmatic path forward, one that recognizes health care as a fundamental human right, factors in the role of social determinants, and ensures coverage for all.

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What Readers are Saying

Excellent argument (and timing) for change

The author does a fantastic job of laying out the deficiencies of the current healthcare system in the U.S. – way too expensive (it’s the price, stupid), with substandard outcomes compared to every other developed nation. This is, simply put, not good enough. We deserve better. The author lays out a plausible means of getting there – an incremental approach, that while likely to take time to “complete”, is nonetheless possible in the current era of political divide. A remaining question might be … spark. What spark can ignite a groundswell of demand for change? Perhaps we are there now. The current COVID crisis is not unlike an attack on human kind. A crisis of such proportion that our current political differences are likely to pale in comparison. Perhaps as the stages of absorbing this crisis set in, people will seek some meaning. Given that the crisis has occurred, what can we now do? It is very likely the COVID crisis will starkly highlight the deficiencies of our healthcare system. Perhaps, COVID is the spark, and Day has laid out a path to a better healthcare system for our country.

By the way, it is an excellent Audible listen, and it’s great to have the Preface in the author’s voice.

Rosemarie’s call to action during the COVID-19 crisis

“We have universal K-12 education in this country not just because each child deserves to learn but also because we all benefit from having an educated citizenry.  The [COVID-19 emergence] has shown us how painful it is to think of people having inadequate access to healthcare, and how intricately connected our own health is to the health of our neighbors” – Reader and book launch attendee

A VERY timely read!

“Rosemarie Day’s book provides an approachable way to learn about our broken healthcare system and how we got where we are today. Through personal narrative and a feminist lens, she provides pragmatic solutions to how we can make healthcare a right in this country.” – Amazon review

Makes a reasonable case for providing healthcare coverage to ALL Americans

“…thoroughly researched…If you want an approachable way to get educated on our screwy system and some ways to fix it, check it out.” – Goodreads review

 A very important issue in this election year!

“Given the election year issues, I’ve been wanting to learn more about this topic. I definitely gained a new understanding from reading this book. And I was inspired! I strongly recommend it to women (and men) to read.” – Amazon review


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