Coming March 3 2020:

Marching Toward Coverage: How Women Can Lead the Fight for Universal Healthcare

Women can no longer sit back and watch as politicians dismantle the health care reforms made possible by the Affordable Care Act. Instead, we need to move past the current political polarization, and continue to march toward health care for all.

With 28 million Americans uninsured, and millions more who can’t afford their coverage, Day asks the fundamental question: Can we, as a nation, do better? Day believes we can and will—once women begin to engage collectively around this topic. Day brings a feminist lens to the universal healthcare debate and seeks to empower more women to engage in that debate. She simplifies complex policy ideas about making change in the healthcare coverage system into an approachable and engaging framework. She combines a personal perspective on health policy with a professional perspective – she’s at once a health policy expert, strategist, and implementer, as well as a mother, daughter and friend who has faced some challenging health issues. She offers no easy panacea, but instead delivers a pragmatic path forward, one that recognizes health care as a fundamental human right, factors in the role of social determinants, and ensures coverage for all.

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