Rosemarie Day

“Rosemarie has a gift in making connections across boundaries – be they geographic, cultural, academic, or other.  Rosemarie brings visible energy and optimism to her work.  She inspires her clients and audiences through a clear message of hope and courage that comes from knowing that change and transformation is difficult, but not impossible when dedicated minds bring their collective wisdom together and are willing to work across traditional boundaries.”

Tarja Huuskonen, CEO, Action for Results, Inc

Connections Across Boundaries

“Rosemarie is a mother, an entrepreneur and a public policy expert who is passionate about providing affordable health care to all Americans. She has a long history of bringing together key stakeholders to solve the complex health care challenges facing our country, in order to make health care access available. She has pioneered not only in the field of health care reform, but also in health care administration as the COO of the Health Connector in Massachusetts – the implementation body for “RomneyCare,” which was the original precursor to ObamaCare. In essence, and without hyperbole, Rosemarie was in charge of “figuring it out” when it comes to healthcare reform.”

Tiziana Dearing, Host, Radio Boston at WBUR

Passionate about Providing Affordable Health Care to All Americans