Mother’s Day 2021: Let’s Do More for Those Who Need it Most

There’s a feeling of renewed hope and optimism surrounding us this spring as more people get vaccinated, kids return to their activities, and we regain some measure of sanity. I’m looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day this year, lifted by this optimism and knowing that my family has survived a tough year and is returning to some sense of normalcy.  
At the same time, I want to recognize the deep and abiding need for us to do more for those mothers who need it most. The American Rescue Plan package is providing us with just such an opportunity. The package provides financial incentives to expand Medicaid coverage for low-income mothers in every state.  One opportunity is to lengthen the postpartum coverage period which is critical for maternal and child health.  There are also incentives to expand Medicaid coverage to the millions of people in the 12 states that haven’t yet done so – this benefits mothers as well.  You can help to make both of these things happen, through your advocacy – read more about it in the op ed I just published with my colleague, Deb Gordon, HERE.

Thank you, and Happy Mother’s Day! 

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