Black History Month – Book Recommendation

My book recommendation for Black History Month is “A Promised Land” by Barack Obama. I listened to the audiobook and it was an incredible experience. Hearing him explain his passion for an impossible job, which was continually being tempered by reality, combined with his determined persistence, was inspiring. He never lost his heart for the job in spite of the extraordinary challenges he faced. He led with grace and class (something we were terribly lacking these past four years). How wonderful to be reminded that we can have a president who loves his country, believes in the possibility of government as a force for good, and works hard to deliver for all citizens, not just those who voted for him.

I particularly loved hearing his detailed descriptions of how he perceived the leaders he met with, from the heads of state he was negotiating with to the Congressional Republicans who were determined to stop him. His pithy summaries of the back stories for each issue he was addressing, from Israeli/Palestinian relations to passing the Affordable Care Act, were extremely useful and insightful. I also loved his shout-outs to those who displayed moral courage in their actions (I particularly liked the story he told former Senator Claire McCaskill’s courageous vote for immigrant children).

All of that said, the moments I loved most in the book were his descriptions of the precious times he and Michelle had with their daughters – those moments brought tears to my eyes (as a parent whose kids have also grown up way too fast).

In sum, this is a must-read! Don’t be daunted by the fact it’s over 700 pages. It’s incredibly engaging and worth the time. I can’t wait for his next volume!

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